[Libreoffice] module dependencies. a little tools to display them

Norbert Thiebaud nthiebaud at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 17:55:55 PDT 2011

I've added a few files in contrib/dev-tools

this commit, create a little program called module_dep. the README
should explain how to use it.

The motivation is to find out the dependencies of a give module
(either which modules depend on it or upon which modules it depend on.
This is useful to make decision regarding gbuildification.

for example:
$find /Volumes/Raid0/tb -maxdepth 5 -name "build.lst" | grep -v
"splitbuild/" | xargs ./modules_dep -u -c svx
  + xmlsecurity
     + postprocess
        + packimages
           + instsetoo_native
              + testgraphical
              + smoketestoo_native
  + writerfilter
     + sw
  + vbahelper
     + tail_build
     + scripting
     + sc
  + starmath
  + sd
  + oox
  + lotuswordpro
  + formula
     + reportdesign
  + forms
  + filter
     + desktop
  + extensions
  + dbaccess
  + cui
  + chart2
  + basctl

so in order to get svx under tail_build, we need xmlsecurity,
scripting, filter, desktop, extensions, basctl gbuildified....


PS: yeah, I know. I probably re-invented the wheel... kohei's python
program to generate the nice little dep picture probably could have
done the work. But 1/ I could not find the source, 2/ I don't know
python and learning it would have taken me more time than writing a
small C-program :-) same rational for build.pl, which clearly has
already all it take to parse build.lst files... but extracting the
interesting piece of that glob of perl sounded a bigger project to me
than writing a small c-program from scratch :-).

PS2: in the TODO list there is to flags modules that are under gbuild
(stat $(SRC_ROOT)/<foo>/Module_<foo>.mk) and flags the ones that are
already under tail_build ('^    <foo> \' is in

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