[Libreoffice] Warning in aclocal

Dimitri Duc dimitri.duc at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 06:16:17 PDT 2011

Mac user,

Got a warning on "aclocal -I ./m4/mac" command from ./autogen.sh

>dimitri$ aclocal -I ./m4/mac
>configure.in:2874: warning: AC_LANG_CONFTEST: no AC_LANG_SOURCE call detected in body
>../../lib/autoconf/lang.m4:194: AC_LANG_CONFTEST is expanded from...
>../../lib/autoconf/general.m4:2591: _AC_COMPILE_IFELSE is expanded from...
>../../lib/autoconf/general.m4:2607: AC_COMPILE_IFELSE is expanded from...
>configure.in:2874: the top level

There is brackets formating mistake.

I made a patch under LGPLv3+/MPL.

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