[Libreoffice] Installing beta versions replacing stable versions

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Wed Apr 27 01:58:42 PDT 2011

NoOp wrote:
> The OP requested that beta versions be installed w/o affecting existing
> version. You are well aware of the OOo-dev build process. You are well
> aware of the issue, Yet you are asking posters to this thread to "dig
> out the documentation, test that it still works"? Amazing.
Hi NoOp,

well, developer time is (still) a scarce resource here, so we cannot
but encourage everyone to go an extra mile to provide actionable
input to any request posted here.

Your mail was perceived as a "X doesn't work, but it's soo obvious
how to fix it, so go ahead and fix it ASAP" - while in fact seldomly
anything in LibO is really obvious, but needs at least some
searching & hunting down. So your post was not considered

I guess both sides here took the other one's remark as
condescending, which is unfortunate. The upshot is, Christian dug
out the openoffice-dev target, which should do exactly what's
needed. Let's try to get into that kind of productive mode right
away, next time.


-- Thorsten
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