[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Introduce HideDisabledMenuItems style setting

Christian Dywan christian at lanedo.com
Wed Apr 27 04:13:13 PDT 2011

Am 27.04.2011 13:01:36 schrieb Christoph Noack:
> Just a small question ... do I get it right that the disabled menu items 
> get hidden instead of being "grayed out"? Real interest: could you 
> please explain what the rationale for the change is? As far as I know, 
> there is currently no platform guideline that requires that (or even 
> allows that) - but I might be wrong. 

Yes, disabled becomes hidden effectively. That is *current* behaviour on all systems as far as I can tell, so I'm not introducing anything new, to make that clear.
I explicitly want to change this for GTK+ because it is wrong behaviour.

As far as I know, OS X and KDE are the only platforms doing this (I'll ignore Maemo). I don't know the exact guideline, I didn't find clear documentation about it but for example the web page context menu on OS X does it and editor popups I saw in KDE.
That said, Lubos or anyone else, please correct me if my observation is wrong, I'll adapt the patch accordingly.

I updated the patch and attached a second one to get ird of UpdateApplicationSettings which for no good reason tries to flip the same switch in a very misleading way.

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