[Libreoffice] Next IRC QA session

Sophie Gautier gautier.sophie at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 08:16:01 PDT 2011

Hi all,

I'm adding the dev list in cc but only for information, please follow 
the discussion on the tdf-discuss at list.

I would like to organize a new IRC QA session during the RC period. The 
last one, hum, was a bit empty, but we won't resign ;)
So I think we (I) should dedicate a bit more organization and dedication 
to it.
What I would like to organize first is the presence of the mentors 
during the whole period, we should have somebody available and really on 
line during a dedicated period of time, even making some noise on the 
channel (dancing with the bot is an option, yes :) to make sure 
newcomers won't go away by lack of activity.

So some questions:
- what would be the best period (imho the Friday and Saturday is still a 
good idea)?
- who would be available and when (on the 2 days, we will see the exact 
date later) ?
- who would like to prepare a presentation of the different QA tasks 
(mostly BZ, but speaking a bit of the tests would be good too). We will 
fix a date and time to play it twice, once for each main time zone.

Don't hesitate to make any comment or suggestion, even if it's new for 
you, this will help us to polish the organization.
Thanks in advance
Kind regards
Founding member of The Document Foundation

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