[Libreoffice] minutes of tech steering call ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Thu Apr 28 08:47:36 PDT 2011

I omitted to remind people of this one, so poor attendance; but:

	Kendy, Andras, Bjoern, Petr, Christian, Koehi

* AA completed
        + discuss Debian adding a second apply file support to
          apply.pl or using patches/hotfixes/ directory (done)
		+ will do that for 3.4
        + rough m106 trial merge into integration/dev300_m106 (done)

* AA pending:
        + encourage QA guys to quietly dig at snapshots (Sophie + Thorsten)
        + research when gio came into widespread being (Caolan)
                cf. http://www.gtk.org/download-linux.html
        + update impress 3.4 feature list (Thorsten)
	+ tweak Easy Hacks wiki pages (Bjoern)
        + the rdb setup stuff is still too cumbersome (Bjoern)
	+ get SmartArt into master as an experimental feature (Thorsten)
	+ UNO / ABI breaking changes into a set of wiki page for 4.0 (Bjoern + Kohei)
		+ add binfilter removal (Norbert)
	+ write list of things that suck for newcomers with taste (Mitch / Christian)

* 3.4 status ...
	+ B2 better
		+ Win32 translations, and crash-on exit fixed for B3
		+ currently up-loading
	+ good progress with most-annoying bugs, >50% fixed
	+ m106 merge to master, and cherry-pick RC1 or not at all ...

* KeyId builds
	+ should be with-lang=keyid - but, on windows; didn't work
		+ looking for missing config. files
	+ instead created a fake translation with key ids
	  as translations
		+ potentially better approach for the future
		+ doesn't require a custom build
	+ should add / enable KeyId language for all non
	  product / tinderbox builds in future
	+ translators are happy

* bug 36551 - install 3.3 and 3.4 in parallel
	+ Petr working on it, renaming packages & prefix

* Bjoern's initial impressions thread / summary
	+ ~killed build repo already
	+ unifying git repos into one underway
	+ others - long term things, when doing API changes
		+ subsumed into the wiki page of future goodness
	+ end-thread this topic.

* Ubuntu Natty Narwhale done
	+ including LibreOffice 3.3.2
	+ soliciting useful tasks

* Misc working
	+ Christian
		+ fixing settings issues everywhere, that were
		  exclusively implemented for windows etc.
	+ Kendy - m106 merging

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