[Libreoffice] Build problem on Linux 3.0; plea for workflow

Marty Jack martyj19 at comcast.net
Mon Aug 1 15:02:06 PDT 2011

In nss, security/coreconf they reference e.g. Linux2.6.mk.  Building on 3.0.0 this fails because there is no Linux3.0.mk.

All that would be needed to fix this is copy Linux2.6.mk to Linux3.0.mk.

The workflow for your builds is unusual in that it unpacks the subsidiary tarballs and charges right into building things.  In a normal build workflow, you would have untar, possible patch, configure, possible patch, make.  In your workflow, there is no opportunity to get control back for even the simplest of workarounds.

If there is a way to do site-local patches in your workflow between the unpacking and the building steps, I haven't found it documented.  I beg you to think this over and decide to do something about it.

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