[Libreoffice] Minutes of the tech. steering call

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Thu Aug 4 08:32:06 PDT 2011

+ Present
        * Caolan, Christian D., David, Kendy, Kohei, Norbert, Petr,
          Rainer, Thorsten

+ Finished Action Items:
        + make the download of the git tarball more prominent on the
          download page (Thorsten)

+ Pending Action Items:
        + in-progress: review Norbert's updated C app (Kendy, Tor)
        + mail bugzilla query wrt. regression to dev list (Michael)
        + easy hacks - completion / fixing (Bjoern)
        + in-progress: get SmartArt into master feature (Thorsten)
        + conference papers:
                + http://conference.libreoffice.org/submit-your-paper/
                + Francois
                        + making LibreOffice easier to port
                        * he wrote that he's not sending a proposal
                          (lack of time)
                + Cedric
                        + GSOC update - double-slot
                        + what's next in writer
                + Norbert:
                        + onegit / tinderbox
                        * concerned that it would be only a summary of
                          the README
        + enable on-line updates for QA for dailies ... (Kendy)
        + modify the developer instructions after the OneGit migration
        + add the version to the subdir structure 
        + script that downloads the git sources for you (Norbert)
        + dig up the SFLC AL2/LGPLv3+ header (Michael)
        * enable Kendy's Windows tinderbox again (Kendy)

+ Agenda items
        + 3.4.2 post-release roundup / lessons learnt (Petr)

                * RC3 needed blockers found too late
                        * encourage people test more
                * "Enterprise Ready" confusion
                        * we cannot claim much about the build before we
                          have it - we can measure afterwards

        + 3.3.4 release status (Petr)

                * RC1 tagged on Tue, builds being uploaded
                * will be pushed to mirrors tomorrow
                * RC2 deadline the next Monday; if no change, we will
                  skip RC2, but will wait one more week for marking as

        + OneGit migration (Norbert)

                * planned for this Saturday - 6th August!!!
                * needs to be synchronized with a fd.o admin (so that he
                  can update the hook not to push to master of the
                  obsolete repos)
                * 3 hours downtime expected
                * 3.3.x and 3.4.x will remain in the same repositories
                  as now
                * Q: Shouldn't we move the obsoleted repositories to a
                  legacy/ subdir or something so that cgit is cleaner?
                * A: Not yet, after the end of the 3.3.x / 3.4.x

        + new developer concerns (Kendy)

                + nothing this time

        + QA update (Rainer)

                + Bugzilla: Target Milestone
                        * would the "Target Milestone" helpful for
                        * most people don't use that; people that use
                          that could use that only if only the developer
                          himself would be setting it - ie. no forcing
                          "fix this for me for version x.y.z"
                        * currently we do not have the possibility to
                          control who sets what, so it can be abused -
                          let's re-consider with Bugzilla 4.0

                + Bugzilla: Bug assignment
                        * it is possible to use the 'Watch' feature when
                          more people work on the same area
                        * it seems that we should use a common scheme,
                          Rainer will sum up a proposal at

                + QA activities
                        * had an IRC session, was good
                        * UX bugs?
                                * component "User interface" for that,
                                  so it is easy to search for
                        * will announce the next one

                * Extensions
                        * let's have a component 'Extensions'

                + daily builds
                        * no Windows daily builds :-(
AA                      * enable Kendy's Windows tinderbox again (Kendy)

                * Master / 3.5 bugs
                        * we already have the 3.5 Most Annoying Bugs

        + Roundup of what we're working on
        + Questions ?

                * Q: Is there a way to double-check if your paper has
                  been submitted?
                * A: Poke Michael or Florian Effenberger.

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