[Libreoffice] two assertions raised and a failed database query

Terrence Enger tenger at iseries-guru.com
Sun Aug 7 08:32:25 PDT 2011


I am asking here about a couple of raised assertions and a
failed database query.  Maybe there is a connection, but
maybe not.

My system is ubuntu-natty (11.04), and I did a build with
configuration parameters
    --disable-mozilla --enable-symbols --enable-dbgutil
    --enable-crashdump --disable-build-mozilla
and I am submitting a query "select * from AA6411" to a
server running DB2/400.  This table is described in bug
34309 "error on importing a timestamp field from db2 via
ODBC" <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34309>.

Observations ...

(*) The program does not show me the data, instead
    presenting message box which says "The data content
    could not be loaded".  "More" shows me
        SQL Status: 00000
        Error code: 757097269
    but the error code seems to change from one run to the

(*) Up to this point, the assertion "operator delete
    mismatch" at operators_new_delete.cxx at Line 96 has
    been raised five times.  (I have reason to believe that
    the problem is in the IBM-supplied ODBC driver.
    Openoffice.org declared the bug WONTFIX, and I concur.)

(*) Sometimes (depending on what? an envvar, perhaps?), I
    see repeated assertions

        Error: Invalid node give, only table ref is allowed!
        From File
        at Line 2770

(*) Under the same conditions, I see repeated assertions, presented in
    alternation with the previously mentioned one,

        Error: SQL grammar changed! From File
        at Line 2778

Note for comparison that (a) the same query delivers data
when I use LibreOffice from ubuntu-natty, and (b) both
versions of LibreOffice deliver data from the similar query
"select * from AA6411V1".

Questions arising ...

(*) Are raised assertions (except this particular operator
    delete mismatch, of course) grounds for submitting a bug
    report?  Always so?  I presume a backtrace would be
    useful.  What else?

(*) Is the message instead of the expected data grounds for
    submitting a bug report?  Would it be useful to attach
    ODBC logs from the query in the two versions of

(*) I come with some time on my hands, moderate knowledge of
    C++, and small knowledge of the class hierarchy in base.
    Can I hope to make a contribution here worth the
    guidance that I would inevitably need?


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