[Libreoffice] [Calc] Feature Request - charts : error bars + broken axes

Patrick Gerin gerin.patrick at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 01:45:28 PDT 2011

Dear Developers,

In case this list is not the best suited for the present request, please,
let me know the address to that I should better use.

Owing to all the feature already included, the Chart tool in Calc is very
close to be a good alternative to specialised scientific graph softwares
(like Origin, Sigmaplot, Kaleidagraph...). However, some features that are
important for scientific graphs are still lacking. I would suggest to
include in Calc/charts the additional features detailled below (order of
decreasing importance). With these additional features (and mostly the first
one), I think LibreOffice can also become a reference graph software.

1. X-error bars for XY scatter plots
Just like the Y error bars, but for X-values (horizontal instead of

2. Broken axis option (both X and Y axes)
Possibility to have 2 different scales zones on the same axis (examples
axis scale from m1 to m2, then break, then axis continuing from m3 to m4,
with scales that can be different in the 2 zones [m1,m2] & [m3,m4] (with
e.g. axis of 10 cm long, scale value -10 at 0cm, scale value 10 at 4 cm,
break label at 4.2 cm, scale value 100 at 4.5 cm, scale value 2000 at 10 cm
(so the scales are different in the zone 0-4 cm and in the zone 4.5-10 cm of
the same axis)

Data to be defined by the user in the Format axis / Scale dialog box :
 + minimum of axis zone A: m1
 + maximum of axis zone A: m2
 + principal intervals zone A
 + secondary intervals zone A
 + break position (position in mm on the axis or % of full axis length)
 + minimum of axis zone B: m3
 + maximum of axis zone B: m4
 + principal intervals zone B
 + secondary intervals zone B

Data have to be managed so that none is plotted in the break area.

This option is important for XY scatter plot (X and Y axis), but can be
quite useful for all other chart types (Y axis), excepted pie charts

http://peltiertech.com/Excel/pix1/BrokenY11.gif :

3. Y-error bar for Net chart
Y-error bar option in the Net chart: error bar inclined depending on the
position of the data on the chart.


I have no competence to develop these features myself, but I can help as a
Thank you in advance,

Best regards,

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