[Libreoffice] http://libreoffice.boldandbusted.com/ cppcheck report jobs stalled... no longer! :)

someone at boldandbusted.com someone at boldandbusted.com
Wed Aug 10 10:38:53 PDT 2011

Hi again *,

After a long hiatus, this service is back on the air. I swapped out the
bad RAM for some good RAM, and hooray, we've got a fresh cppcheck report
at http://libreoffice.boldandbusted.com/ . I also hacked in sortable.js
for clickable, sortable column headings.

My hope is that this is useful to you! There were discussions (with
Julien and others) debating using either git master or "released"
versions of cppcheck, but since this machine is stable now, I'll keep
cppcheck on released versions (e.g. 1.49) until something really
annoying pops up in the report that should be eliminated. I'm still on
the hunt for some kind of easy script which makes a usable diff of HTML
pages, to be used to highlight new or removed cppcheck findings with
each run. If anyone has ideas in this vein, I'd love to hear them. :)

I see the excellent Tinderbox work is going strong. If my report isn't
really useful anymore due to work elsewhere, please let me know. Time
moves on, and perhaps this kind of thing is no longer useful or wanted.
If you have suggestions to make it easier or more useful, and they're
not too hard/expensive, I'll do what I can to make it better.

Anyway, Viva Libreoffice! :)


Jesse Adelman
ilikelinux Consulting/Bold and Busted LLC
http://www.ilikelinux.com/ http://www.boldandbusted.com/
Brisbane, CA

P.S. FYI, the reports seem to take a bit longer to run - 8 hours or so.

On 03/28/11 14:10, someone at boldandbusted.com wrote:
> Hi *. Sorry to say that it appears a hardware problem (bad RAM) has put
> a stop to cppcheck's 5 hour report runs that get pushed to
> http://libreoffice.boldandbusted.com/ . I'm RMA-ing the RAM today, and
> hopefully we'll see the replacements in a few weeks, if not sooner.
> Sorry for not writing sooner. The current report will stay available
> (the machine which does cppcheck runs is separate from the web server
> which presents the results). I hope it is still valuable as a reference
> until this problem is repaired.
> I'll write again to the list when I have an update for you on major
> changes to the status of this service.
> Cheers,
> Jesse Adelman
> ilikelinux Consulting/Bold and Busted LLC
> Brisbane, CA
> http://www.ilikelinux.com/
> http://www.boldandbusted.com/
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