[Libreoffice] newbie developer - trying to learn

Cedric Bosdonnat cedric.bosdonnat.ooo at free.fr
Thu Aug 11 02:44:14 PDT 2011

Hello Aaron

Aaron Rasmussen <aaron.rasmussen at ...> writes:
> When I run the program, everything builds and runs without any error messages,
the LO application starts
> up, but no spreadsheet is ever created. I get the launch screen if I click on
the LO icon in the dock.
> I'm wondering if there aren't some compatibility issues between the OOo API
and the newer versions of LO
> that might be causing the problem. Not sure what else to check on. 

Those bits shouldn't have changed a lot between OOo and LO... but there may have
been changes in the SDK.

> I am not a sophisticated programmer - I'm a lawyer and I'm interested in
creating some LO add-ons that will be
> useful to me in my law practice, and maybe be useful to others as well.
> Is there a better IDE or plug-in that I should be using? Other tools that
might be useful, or work better with
> the newer versions of LO?

I'ld love to answer you that there is the OOEclipse plugin set that works
nicely... but I didn't have much time to invest on it recently to update it and
have it working for the last versions of LibreOffice... And it has no connection
with the SDK samples.

> Thanks to anyone who takes the time to help a newbie get set up in a working
programming environment.

I'll try to take some time to get OOEclipse working ASAP as you're not the first
one requesting it. I'm not sure how Netbeans plugins are up-to-date and I'm not
aware of any other IDE with OOo/LO integration.


Cedric Bosdonnat

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