[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Bug 39168

Noel Power nopower at novell.com
Thu Aug 11 02:51:59 PDT 2011

On 10/08/11 18:44, Jenei Gábor wrote:
> Hello Noel,
> Well, I just like more if{ <linefeed><code><linefeed> } form even is 
> code is just one line long, but you are right
there are no rules about this, but it is the convention to at least 
follow the pattern already used in the source file otherwise things look 
very ugly. So.. if you were creating a new file or modifying source that 
already has 'if{ <linefeed><code><linefeed> }' type style then it would 
be ok.
> As for the other comments, probably you're right that it's not the 
> best solution, I just haven't understood fully all the objects, as to 
> be honest because of the lot of classes this part of code needs a 
> quite big effort to be modified, as you must understand all the 
> objects before,which can be timeconfusing.
hehe, welcome to libreoffice !!! but anyway you managed to decide to 
change something, understand the code enough to create a fix, that in 
itself is quite an achievement, so.. you did good
> But I absoloutly agree, that this is not the nicest solution, that's 
> why I just signed it as purposed and not as final patch. Even because 
> it keeps a quite annoying problem, that the overwrite dialog in saving 
> will pop up wrong. So I don't either think that this patch can be 
> pushed in this form.
and attaching the patch to the bug like you did is a *good* thing, if 
someone later wants to pick this up then you patch will serve as a 
starting point. So thanks again for that
> I just pushed it if someone wants to mind with it. By the way if you 
> say I should correct it, and send it again, I'll do provided that 
> someone is really going to push it afterwards, I just interrupted this 
> job because of the debates about the bug.
that's unfortunate ( but understandable ) I don't know too much about 
this issue ( and the thread that preceded it was too much hard work to 
follow )
> I am busy with another bug about Base's querywizard.
I am really glad that this experience hasn't discouraged you, your 
efforts are valuable and useful, don't forget that,


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