[Libreoffice] Can I compile and build only libreoffice writer component instead of whole LO suite ?

Partha Chowdhury parthachowdhury78 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 22:20:24 PDT 2011

Hello all.This is my first post to the list.So if I have not provided 
necessary information or overlooked something obvious, please point me 
in the right direction.

I have build libreoffice from source using the 
"./configure;make;bin/ooinstall <target directory>;" .However, I need 
office only to create and modify word documents.Thus i want to only 
compile the libreoffice-writer component and not the draw, impress,calc 
etc,if that is possible.

At first I asked the question on the user's list, there I was advised to 
post here.

I have tried abiword, but
1> it is lightweight, so lacks many features compared to LO writer
2>It cannot render the word documents created by Ms office 2003 
properly.The file looks gibberish.

I am using Linux From scratch, which builds a fast and minimal GNU/Linux 
system entirely from source code.

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