[Libreoffice] java LO part with Eclipse

Julien Nabet serval2412 at yahoo.fr
Sat Aug 13 13:43:39 PDT 2011

Le 13/08/2011 22:29, Jenei Gábor a écrit :
> well,I've never tried, you should make a new clean project and then 
> add the module folder to the build path, also you have to set it in 
> debug settings, but I advise you to simply do a make -sr debug=true 
> dbglevel=2 in the module folder, it's easier than to make an eclipse 
> project,and you can debug java by remote debugging in eclipse. So,if 
> you are making a new version simply you can recompile the module,which 
> took less than a minute for me,and you can see your changes through 
> eclipse debugging. Are you using some kind of Linux?
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> ...
Yes I use Debian testing with Eclipse 3.5.2 here.


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