[Libreoffice] Minutes of the tech. steering call

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Mon Aug 15 04:33:22 PDT 2011

+ Present
  Rainer, Kendy, Fridrich, Cedric, Caolan, Kohei, Thorsten

+ Finished Action Items:
        + clarify the developer instructions to point more at the wiki
        + add the version to the subdir structure 

+ Pending Action Items:
        + mail bugzilla query wrt. regression to dev list (Michael)
        + easy hacks - completion / fixing (Bjoern)
        + in-progress: get SmartArt into master feature (Thorsten)
        + conference papers:
                + http://conference.libreoffice.org/submit-your-paper/
                + Cedric
                        + GSOC update - double-slot
                        + what's next in writer
                + Norbert:
                        + onegit / tinderbox
        + enable on-line updates for QA for dailies ... (Kendy)
        + script that downloads the git sources for you (Norbert)
        + dig up the SFLC AL2/LGPLv3+ header (Michael)
        + enable Kendy's Windows tinderbox again (Kendy)
          * in progress, results to be uploaded to dev-builds

* Agenda items
        + 3.3.4 release status (Fridrich)
          * rc2 skipped, no code changes, eta for release 17th

        + OneGit migration post mortem (Norbert)
          * done, big thank you to Norbert

        + QA update (Rainer)
           + Is information whether problem also is visible in Master
             useful for developers or not? Example see fdo #39928#c3
             * yes - but don't put too much time into this

           + http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA-FAQ
             * kendy suggests to have list open for non-subscribers too - better
               for cross-postings
AA           * rainer will open it
             * thanks for the writeup

           + Daily Builds testing: progress on fdo #38908? - May be a
             script for parallel install would be useful? But at least
             for WIN it's really easy also without. 

        + Extensions Website and related activities
          * no volunteers to fill the repo
          * manuals missing
          * minor problems still there
          * we have to fill it - publish more widely - but mention it's a test
AA          phase - beta phase, official tdf blog (thorsten)

        + Reminder about GSoc pencil down dates
          * make sure all mentors are aware that pencil down date is: this
AA          weekend. hard pencil down is the weekend after (cedric)
          * evaluation Aug 22nd - Aug 25th
          * students must integrate code ASAP - deadline: Aug 22nd, code upload
AA          after eval period (all mentors)
AA        * libocon participation: invite students (all mentors)
          * some travel funding possible from the GSoC money, amount TBD

        + should http://download.go-oo.org/src be given a
          documentfoundation/libreoffice dns or something ?
AA        * yes (thorsten)

        + Caolan changed the help about two weeks ago as mentioned in the
          call around then to read (to me) sanely for --
          with[out]-vendor. No loud shouting so far. 
          * met with appraisal

        + Branding technical questions, i.e.
AA        * thorsten will look into that

        + Roundup of what we're working on
          * Rainer: nothing apart from what's reported
          * Kendy: master building (more breakages on windows), tinderboxen,
            cia-vc to one-git
          * Fridrich: working hard. building stuff, helping student on visio
            import. vbx visio xml parser greatly appreciated. offer from frob
            to team up again, almost done reverse-engineering coral draw
          * Cedric: catching up with mail, mostly on header/footer editing
            feature. gsoc 
          * Caolan: trying to get windows build running. most annoying bugs -
            mostly on mac, need help
          * Kohei: excel/chart import bugs. general bugfixes, gsoc
            mentoring. plans some code cleanup in master
          * Thorsten: misc releasing, tinderbox updating, customer bug fixing

        + Questions ?

-- Thorsten
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