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Arno Teigseth arnotixe at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 12:56:49 PDT 2011

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A friend of mine tries out libreoffice Calc and finds that Ctrl+D
"doesn't work".

He's used to from other spreadsheet software that:

1) Ctrl+D copies the above cell's contents into the current cell.

2) If more cells in one same row are selected, then Ctrl+D copies down
the contents of all cells directly above the selected ones.

3) If cells from more than one row (C1:D2 range for example) is
selected, Ctrl+D copies down the cell contents of the first row cells
into the lower ones.

4) Multi-selection and Ctrl+D does nothing.

*) Formulas are copied as they would be copied with normal copy/paste
functions: references analogous.

**) Ctrl+R does the same as Ctrl+D, but horizontally, to the right,
instead of downwards.

- -------------------------
Dennis H pointed out to me that the function 3) is there already, and
also Fill right (and up and left).

4) is also "covered" in that nothing happens.

But the difference from the other spreadsheet software is that
- -when you sit on a blank cell below some content in excel and press
Ctrl+D, the content is copied from the above cell and into the cell
you're on.

- -in LO, the cells /have/ to be selected first, the top one containing
what you want copied. So we *force* user action 3) above.

a) Copy the above cell's contents into the current cell's when only one
cell is selected. (Behaviour 1+2 above) THIS IS THE EXTRA FEATURE

b) Copy the topmost cell(s)' contents down into the row(s) below when
more than one row is selected. THIS IS CURRENT BEHAVIOUR.

Note: The extra here proposed behaviour does not crash with current
behaviour, as nothing happens when you press Ctrl+D with only one cell
selected. That's why I'm optimistic to this, even being my own
suggestion. :P

After first writing the developer mailing list, I now hope this is the
correct list. ;)

Now, is it by design/decision that this isn't implemented in
libreoffice? Should I file a bug to get it implemented?

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