[Libreoffice] [REVIEW] fix for fdo#39850 and fdo#39820: update range names and database ranges in formula cells

Eike Rathke ooo at erack.de
Tue Aug 16 06:33:54 PDT 2011

Hi Markus,

On Tuesday, 2011-08-16 08:07:20 +0200, Markus Mohrhard wrote:

> this patch might be a bit to big for 3-4, but who knows:
> http://cgit.freedesktop.org/libreoffice/core/commit/?id=04d2e6469529b6187900659517d6f6dd5ea2cca5

First thing that caught my eye: using toAsciiUpperCase() (or any other
ASCII method) on anything that the user inputs as names is a no-no as it
doesn't handle Unicode. Use ScGlobal::pCharClass->upper() instead.

The change to the ScFormulaCell ctor apparently unconditionally tries to
adjust name tokens, this is completely unnecessary in most situations
and should be triggered only if the sheets of new and old position

Before looping with pCode->GetNext...() it needs a pCode->Reset() first.

In ScTable::CopyToClip() all local range names are copied if none exist
yet on the target. Best would be if only names used by the formulas to
be copied would be copied if not already there, which adjustRangeName
attempts to do. So in CopyToClip initialize
pTable->mpRangeName = new ScRangeName;

Btw, please use 'r' prefix for parameters passed as reference, so
rNewDoc instead of aNewDoc, and please "const as const can", for example
it should be const ScDocument* pOldDoc

Apart from that, I'm currently somewhat handicapped with equipment and
can't check if the change really does what it is supposed to do.


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