[Libreoffice] Graphite 1.0.1

Martin Hosken martin_hosken at sil.org
Tue Aug 16 17:56:18 PDT 2011

Dear Michael,

> 	Shame - I guess this missed the 3.4.3 release deadline (unless we can
> get the patch, and triple review it soon); but we can get it in for
> 3.4.4 no doubt - and clearly pushing to master is easy enough.

I enclose the patch. It is a simple patch in that it removes the existing bug fix patching from the graphite source, creates a new patch that only patches what libo needs to modify in the code, simplifies the libo specific makefile for graphite and updates the file references.

> 	I assume 1.0.1 is mostly just bug fixes Martin ?

Well we went up to 1.0.2 to fix a windows build bug, but yes. And there are some memory savings and general all round goodness improvements inside the graphite engine. There is no actual code change within libo. One particular improvement is in bidi mirroring which it would be nice to have in 3.4.3 but not esesential. It should also go into master.

I don't really know how to submit a patch across 2 git repos, but here it is.

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