[Libreoffice] UNO API reference?

Christian Dywan christian at lanedo.com
Wed Aug 17 07:30:00 PDT 2011

> - Code snippets for all the UNO API language bindings.
> I see a few, for the likes of Java, OOBasic, and ooRexx, but they
> harken back to 2.0 and 1.1 days. Further, Since the API has multiple
> language bindings, I'm looking for more than just those 3. For
> instance, I see barely six examples for CPP, six for Python, etc.
> - Complete object and method listing.
> One of the things I currently lack is the grander idea of what I can
> do with the API. Generically I understand that it's a lot, but I
> don't know how to access most of it.
> - Complete, self-contained code examples.
> There are above-mentioned code snippets, perhaps, but complete,
> downloadable examples that show off a particular functionality would
> be incredibly useful.
> I'm trying to ascertain what resources are available to me while I hack
> away at LO, and "just" those three items would be tremendous. Do these
> exist?

Hey Kevin,

this is the UNO reference:


There are some examples, but they are scarce unfortunately. It's worth 
looking in libreoffice sources itself as well, if you don't mind C++. 
The API is almost the same in all bindings, so you should be able to 
read any example as long as you focus on UNO API and ignore the 
constructors involved.


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