[Libreoffice] Bugzilla handling of multiple branches

Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Wed Aug 17 13:49:20 PDT 2011

Joop Kiefte wrote (17-08-11 22:08)
> 2011/8/17 Lionel Elie Mamane <lionel at mamane.lu <mailto:lionel at mamane.lu>>

>     So I don't know when to close a bug. When it is fixed in master? When
>     it is fixed in all branches where we want it fixed?
>     For example, bug #40079; it is fixed in master, so I closed it. But
>     now it shows up as not blocking "LibreOffice 3.4 most annoying bugs"
>     anymore (it is striked out), which is incorrect since it is not fixed
>     in 3.4.
> Shouldn't it be backported in this case? ...

That is a separate decision. And if the choice is no, there still is the 
problem: bug fixed in master, and is tricked out in most annoying for 
3.4.x ..

  - Cor
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