[Libreoffice] Get rid of unused direct dependencies

Péter Rabi prabi at caesar.elte.hu
Sat Aug 20 09:18:11 PDT 2011

Hi Michael, András, all,

I'm interested in your opinion about the following problem of mine:

There are probably libraries and executables in LibO that are
dynamically linked to libraries that they do not use.

I wrote some c++ code (attached) to find these needless dependencies. I
was using `ldd -u foo' to fetch the "unused direct dependencies" of foo
if its build is GnuMake-ified. The tool (libfilter) also removes the
entries of these unnecessary libs from the proper makefile.

I also attached a patch containing the result I got after running
libfilter. Unfortunately, it removed loads of libs that was
indispensable for running foo.

I'm wondering if you could tell me why did ldd misled me (what did I

Best regards,
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