[Libreoffice] Newbie question: Windows SDK exact path

Tor Lillqvist tlillqvist at novell.com
Mon Aug 22 02:46:58 PDT 2011

> Attached was my hack-around "fix" for the problem I had, which might be
> the same fundamental problem.

Hmm, I know you say it's just a hack-around, but in general, I am not sure I like the idea of doing similar stuff as oowintool does (i.e. read the Registry through its Cygwin /proc/registry pathnames) in configure.in. (Yeah, I see that we already do that in one place...)

I wonder if we should just move the oowintool code into configure.in? Sure, oowintool is Perl and configure.in is shell, but oowintool isn't that extremely perlish Perl, it would be relatively simple to implement its logic in shell code instead.

That would keep all "business logic" related to compiler and SDK selection in one place. If we want to get fancy, one could even write a library of Autoconf macros for this;) An Easy Hack?


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