[Libreoffice] Hackfest information

Florian Effenberger floeff at documentfoundation.org
Fri Aug 26 05:50:53 PDT 2011

Hello everyone,

with this e-mail, I would like to send out some more details for the 
upcoming LibreOffice Hackfest, which takes place from September 2nd to 
4th in Munich.

1. Wiki page and emergency contact

For up-to-date information, please keep an eye on the official wiki page 
at http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Hackfest2011 - best is to print 
that page out shortly before you travel to Munich.

In case of an emergency, my mobile number is in the signature of this 
e-mail and on the wiki page, so you can reach me.

2. Venues and sleeping

I just added information on the two venues at the wiki page, and 
information for car drivers.

It is possible to sleep at Café Netzwerk, although we try to organize 
couchsurfing instead. If you want to sleep at Café Netzwerk, please ping 
me in advance, and do *not* just add your name to the list. I just 
managed to get everyone to couchsurfing, then a few new names with 
sleeping at Café Netzwerk popped up without pinging me, which makes the 
whole process a bit complicated. ;-)

For those who plan to sleep at Café Netzwerk: You need a sleeping bag 
and a mattress, because we have to sleep on the plain floor, there are 
no beds. Be aware that Café Netzwerk has no showers, just normal 
restrooms. The LiMux office has showers we could use, however.

3. Couchsurfing

A call especially to our friends from Munich: If you want to give some 
friendly hackers a sleeping place, please let me know directly, so we 
can coordinate. Be assured that all participants are quite nice and 
behave friendly. ;-)

4. Add your e-mail address

On the participants list in the wiki, some mail addresses are missing. I 
would like to ask everyone to add your address, so we can reach you 

5. Food and beverages

The LiMux project team will try to organize breakfast for Saturday and 
Sunday. In case you do not want to participate, please let me know in 
advance, so we can buy accordingly. Otherwise, feel free to skip 
breakfast at the hotel, and eat together with us. ;-)

Italo Vignoli will cook pasta for lunch on Saturday, more details are in 
the wiki. In case you do not want to join, please let me know as well, 
so we know the amount of pasta to make.

On Friday evening, we will go out for dinner. Saturday's dinner and 
Sunday's lunch will be determined on the fly, based on what we are 
hungry for. ;-) Please note that participants have to pay for food on 
their own, it is *not* paid for by the organizers.

6. Agenda and timetable

As the Hackfest is some sort of unconference, there is no fixed agenda 
with items to be worked on. In the wiki, we have compiled a list of 
topics and issues to work on, the rest will be decided on the fly and ad 
hoc at the venue. This sounds rather chaotic, but usually works out 
quite well. ;-) We have, however, compiled a little timetable in the wiki.

So, now I hope this e-mail didn't cause more confusion than it helped, 
and I look forward to meeting all of you in Munich! Have a look at your 
inbox the next days and on the wiki page, in case we some details change.

Happy hacking!

Florian Effenberger <floeff at documentfoundation.org>
Steering Committee and Founding Member of The Document Foundation
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