[Libreoffice] Build failure on Mac OSX

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 02:46:22 PDT 2011

Le 30/08/11 11:38, Thorsten Behrens a écrit :

Hi Thorsten,

> Looks like you (re-)configured your build to use a lang other than
> en-US. Can you manually do a "make fetch" & report back whether that
> fixed it (beware, translations is a rather big repo)?

Well that's strange because I've been building specifically with the
switch --with-lang="en-US"

The only thing I did between yesterday, when the build was starting, but
failing elsewhere in svx and hc2, was repulled with git pull && ./g pull.

Will try what you suggest, thanks.


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