[Libreoffice] BUG 36594

Eike Rathke ooo at erack.de
Tue Aug 30 11:38:17 PDT 2011

Hi Jenei,

On Tuesday, 2011-08-30 18:33:55 +0200, Jenei Gábor wrote:

> I made your recommended changes, but the querycomposer class seems
> to be modified since I last worked on this issu, as unfortunatelly
> it deletes all the linefeeds in the query string, so I cannot make
> it work.

Are you sure that wasn't my change that skipped the LFs? I may have
misremembered the original delComment, I thought that inserted LFs for
each comment.

> Now I could store in a second vector whether one line is
> just empty(it only contains a comment)

Instead, I'd use

struct QueryComment
    sal_Int32       nPos;
    rtl::OUString   aComment;

typedef ::std::vector< QueryComment > QueryCommentVector;

and use nPos as an index into the original query where the comment
started. That way it can be reconstructed easily.

> , or it contains query string,
> so then I iterate on this vector, and try to reconstruct my query
> with comments. Actually I've already checked that my delComment
> function works ok, it leaves the linefeeds on their place, so
> something else must go wrong.

Then that's my change, it skipped the LFs, just change the place where
append() is called and add 1 to the length to be appended.


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