[Libreoffice] instructions for building on windows with OneGit

Tor Lillqvist tlillqvist at suse.com
Wed Aug 31 04:52:16 PDT 2011

> (1) I had to comment out some code in qa\osl\security\osl_Security.cxx 
> because it was trying to run a unit test which
> failed because I'm not logged in as Administrator.

Are you sure? What was the exact failure message you got?

> Perhaps it should skip that test if the currently logged in user is not 
> Administrator?

Nope. In fact the build is known to fail if you are trying to build as Administrator. At least previously it was. I never build as Administrator. You should not need to do either. (The build machinery has a check, or at least used to have, against building as Administrator on Windows, but perhaps that is now then for some reason inefective.)

Using the Administrator account for random tasks not related to maintaining the OS is not a good idea, and we definitely would not require or recommend that.

> (2) I have to do "export DISABLE_ATL=true" because otherwise I get a compile 
> fail in embedserve, I don't appear to have
> the atlbase.h file on my machine.
> Perhaps this should be a configure check?

Yeah, you are using the Express compiler, right? That is a known issue, and documented as far as I know.

> (3) Right now I'm struggling to get past a link error in l10ntools

Those should be fixed now.

Anyway, you seem to be managing fine, working around problems and asking the right kind of questions that make sense, welcome, hopefully you will soon have it built and you can start hacking!


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