[Libreoffice] instructions for building on windows with OneGit

Noel Grandin noel at peralex.com
Wed Aug 31 07:16:19 PDT 2011

I stuck some debug in the relevant code, and

dwSubAuthorities==5 in security.c
dwSubAuthorities==4 in osl_Security.cxx

So this could be some weird Windows thing because the two modules are using different API calls to retrieve the SID.

Caolán McNamara wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-08-31 at 14:53 +0200, Noel Grandin wrote:
>> New build log attached.
> strUserID: S-1-5-21-3395787511-4075999146-953599952
> comes from qa/osl/security/osl_Security.cxx
> strID: S-1-5-21-3395787511-4075999146-953599952-1000
> comes from osl/w32/security.c
> so its a matter of seeing which one is right, and which is wrong.
> I suppose its incredibly unlikely to be the difference between 
> dwSubAuthorities=min(*GetSidSubAuthorityCount(pSid), 5);
> and
> dwSubAuthorities=*GetSidSubAuthorityCount(pSid)<=5?*GetSidSubAuthorityCount(pSid):5;
> which looks like it should be equivalent ?
> C.

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