[Libreoffice] Make debugrun ? Help understanding

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at redhat.com
Fri Dec 2 03:04:20 PST 2011

On 12/01/2011 11:44 PM, Bjoern Michaelsen wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 01, 2011 at 10:59:28PM +0100, Alex Thurgood wrote:
>> I typed in make debugrun, and :
>> [...]
>> [Thread 0x49781b70 (LWP 1214) exited]
>> gdb
>> and there was gdb patiently waiting for something to happen, but
>> nothing did.
> I saw this too on my first run with a fresh dev-install -- at least here, it
> showed that soffice.bin was existing with STR_BOOTSTRAP_ERR_NO_CFG_SERVICE (121):
> http://opengrok.libreoffice.org/xref/core/desktop/source/app/app.cxx#1069
> after having set up the user dir. But here it does that on the first run only,
> running it again (type "r" and enter) always succeeded here.
> @Stephan: Do you have an idea how this can be improved?

Hm, toplevel "make debugrun" apparently does not work in an 
"./autogen.sh --disable-linkoo" environment (failing with 
"/tmp/tmp.XXkymPFHQI: line 1: 
/data/lo/core/solver/unxlngx6/installation/opt/program/ooenv: No such 
file or directory").  Not much enthusiasm from my side to look into it, 

Anyway, the first start of soffice.bin (without a user installation tree 
yet) will exit quickly with exit code 81, causing the outer oosplash to 
restart soffice.bin.


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