[Libreoffice] [libreoffice-l10n] Re: [Libreoffice-qa] [ANN] LibreOffice 3.5.0 beta0 available

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Fri Dec 2 07:30:12 PST 2011

Cor Nouws píše v Pá 02. 12. 2011 v 12:06 +0100:
> Michael Meeks wrote (02-12-11 11:35)
> > 	It is in a bit of a state it seems :-) anyhow - lots of bugs in our
> > release process found/fixed before B1 which is good. I wonder how widely
> > we should be announcing B0 - in the state that is in though.
> I agree with that. It's great to have the possibility to do some rough 
> tests right now, so that we can be sure that, when the wide public wants 
> to start testing, they actually are able to start :-)
> But since we are still not at feature-freeze, and there are chunks of
> things that need to go in yet that may de-stabilise, I start becoming a 
> bit reluctant in already announcing a big bug-hunting party for the 
> beta1 and thinking about beta2, due December 23 ..

I would decide about the bug-hunting party when we have, the feature
complete, beta1 in hands and see how it looks like. You could organize
it for the weekend Dec 17-18. I think that Dec 23 is not a good choice
because it is just one day before Christmas :-)

Anyway, thanks a lot for working on it.

Best Regards,

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