[Libreoffice] smoketest build split

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Fri Dec 2 11:01:53 PST 2011


I packaged smoketest[*] because it made sense to run it even on installed
systems. Unfortunately, the smoketestoo_native module did 3 things
together. It built the stuff, installed LO, and ran the tests.

I needed to split it into two modules:

	+ "smoketest" - new module that builds and delivers all the
                needed stuff; it is required by "postprocess" because
                the delivered stuff is packaged in "instsettoo_native"

        + "smoketestoo_native" - old module; it only installs LO and
                runs the test now; it required instsettoo_native because
                it installs LO;

                IMHO, we could get rid of this module when the related
                tasks are moved to GNU make.

Note that I tried to avoid the split by introducing a hacky
"RUN_SMOKETEST" variable. It was not set during the initial build. It
was confusing and broke "make check", so I did the above as suggested by
Stefan and Kendy. I am sorry for troubles.

[*] It is currently packaged only for Linux into separate download
tarball *Test*.

Best Regards,

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