[Libreoffice] [PATCH] fdo#42286, do not shrink the selected area (2)

Pierre-André Jacquod pjacquod at alumni.ethz.ch
Sun Dec 4 13:25:51 PST 2011


> To give you a background, this "extend range downward" functionality was
Thanks for your explanation.

Following the remark of Eicke, I ended up with 3 possible patches :-/ 
which all have small differences in behaviour. I have a favorite, but do 
not want to choose alone. Please push the one you think is the best for 
the filter drop-down.

The first one is my favorite:
it extends the area down. It takes into account the cells strictly below 
the already selected area. It never shrinks / shortens the selected 
area. This is the one that implement in my opinion the best the 
behaviour of adding data below already active area.

The second one:
has the same logic, except it allows to shrink the area, if cells are 
emptied. This the filter is allowed to extend, it could be seen as logic 
that it is also allowed to shrink.

The last one:
extend down, but also if data is added to the first cell bellow. so if 
you have something like (o means empty cell, x cell with data), initial 
filter only on B2:D3
and add the last X below right, the the last line will be included in 
the area and shown with "empty cells" selection. I do not like this, 
since it suddenly take into account a column which was not part of the 
initial filtered area.

Due to my job, I have not been very available last week, and it will be 
the same this week. (I will not be able to code / push until 9th). would 
be nice if this could be inserted before branching to 3.5.0

As prerequisite for working, the following commits are needed:


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