[Libreoffice] PostgreSQL-SDBC: Windows & MacOS X porters sought

Lionel Elie Mamane lionel at mamane.lu
Sun Dec 4 15:22:17 PST 2011


So, PostgreSQL-SDBC is now in libreoffice master branch, but not
enabled by default. We now need a developer with access to a Windows
build and a developer with access to a MacOS X build to build and make
the necessary adaptations, if any.

Configure with:
 --enable-extension-integration --enable-ext-postgresql-sdbc

Ideally, please test both --with-system-postgresl (or
--with-libpq-path) and --without-system-postgresql (internal

Binary "ready to install" distributions of PostgreSQL are available at
http://www.postgresql.org/download. You need only the libpq
(PostgreSQL C client library) development files (headers and library
itself), not the whole of PostgreSQL. You need at least version 9.0
(but the generated code is able to connect to server version 8.4).

About internal PostgreSQL:

1) Cygwin has packages (but too old, not 9.0) that seem rather
   unpatched and to be built with a rather plain "./configure &&
   make". So on Windows, the internal PostgreSQL should IMHO be put
   into shape to build without too much effort / problem.

2) MacOS X, I dunno.

If you send me the .oxt file for Windows (or put it up on some
webpage), I can find my way to having it tested.


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