[Libreoffice] PostgreSQL-SDBC: Windows & MacOS X porters sought

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Sun Dec 4 23:47:42 PST 2011

> From what I read on the wiki, building LibreOffice on Windows requires
> Cygwin anyway;

Yes, but only as the environment in which a Unix shell and make (and
other build-time tools like Perl) run.  The produced code and
executables have no relation to Cygwin at all.

> and AFAIK, cygwin creates real Windows PE/COFF
> executables and libraries, no?

Sure. That is they are at the outermost level. But completely
irrelevant. Executables built with the Cygwin gcc, for Cygwin, require
the Cygwin DLL and run inside the Cygwin Unix emulation (starting it
if not already running). Code built for Cygwin thinks it is running on
a kind of Unix, and uses Unix APIs.

(Sure, one can build horrible mutant programs that use both Cygwin and
Win32 APIs, but that is usually a bad idea, and fairly pointless and

> As this is C code and not C++ code
> (where the ABI is compiler-dependent...), does it matter?

Why can't you just trust that I know what I am talking about?


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