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Mon Dec 5 01:14:10 PST 2011

> But then, what constitutes an old comment? Very often I found that the
> "JP with a date" comments were obviously added _after_ the original
> comment.

That's interesting. How do you determine that..? By seeing that there
is a "conversation" in the comments (original comment > second comment
about a change in behaviour)? Or because pointers to bugs are usually
added later on when the product is already released? Or by some other

> Maybe a "FIXME: Old comment" would be a good heads-up?

I'm almost sure, not all our old code is bad, so there is probably a
need to fix /all/ of it.

> Also, the comments are literally littered with "!!!!!ACHTUNG: !!!!!"
> and double question marks. What should we make of that?

I'm not a fan of excessive punctuation, so I would just convert this
to "Attention!"/"Caution!"/"Warning!", whatever seems appropriate.


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