[Libreoffice] [Libreoffice-qa] Naming builds. Please???

Pedro pedlino at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 06:22:33 PST 2011

Hi Petr

> Hmm, we check out the five repositories one by one. It might take some
> time if you have slower network connection. There might be more commits
> in the other repositories in the meantime => the question is what time
> to use. We might end up with 5 times in the end, e.g.:
> 41491491-41491527-41491568-41491597-41491613
> It is quite complex in the end. Also, it would be hard for developers to
> get the corresponding commit from it.

That is why I suggested to established a different "birth" date for
each repository.
If we established a 2 day interval since TDF's birthday, then you would have


Because the part before the point means days, a build from the
following day would be (assuming there were changes only to the core)


I.e. you only need to read the first 3 digits to realize if it's older or newer.
Even better: because the fraction part after the point is also time,
you know that any value below 0.5 is before noon and any value greater
is between noon and midnight.

> I see the following needs and solutions:
>     + easily match about dialog with downloaded tarball
>       => we need to use the same string in both
>          I would add one more line with a time generated by configure
>          to the about dialog. The same time should be used in the
>          download tarball name

That would be an easier solution. And human readable.

>     + easily match build with git commit
>       => keep the git IDs in about dialog

My suggestion was to replace the git IDs altogether with the age
system. This solves the potential problem of the truncated 7 digits of
the SHA repeating sometime in the future and it is human readable.
But this is secondary if the date-time code is added to the about box
and to the tarball name (or Windows installer ;) )

>     + human readable string for official builds for normal users:
>      => I would add one more line, .e.g. 3.5.0-beta1
>         it will be used only in the official builds generated from
>         release tarballs or release tags

Couldn't agree more!

> Does it make sense?

Yes. I think that covers all problems.

Best regards,

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