[Libreoffice] [PUSHED] Re: fdo#42924: needs help with "tablehead" xml parsing

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Tue Dec 6 01:50:07 PST 2011

Hi Korrawit,

[re-sending the mail I've sent you privately by mistake also to the
mailing list :-)]

On 2011-12-02 at 22:57 +0700, Korrawit Pruegsanusak wrote:

> And here comes the patch :) Though I doesn't follow your suggestions
> strictly -- I didn't check if it's a first row. So, I wrote some
> description and thought in commit message.

The important thing is that it gives the correct results :-)  Thank you!

> I also attached the diff -pur results as you suggested.
> I checked and they looks good, except in Math/Other_Symbols page [1],
> which I've done a quick look at it and report to bugzilla. [2]

Ugly, indeed.

> [off-topic]
> Could I change table style from border="1" to class="wikitable" ?
> It'll look more beautiful.
> Does this change affects GSoC project "converting wikihelp to platform
> specific project" ?
> [/off-topic]

Do you mean:


This is hardcoded so far, so no objection to actually change that to a
nicer default :-)  How can we test such a change?  Would it be enough
for you to give you an account on help.libreoffice.org, so that you'd
check it on a not-really-visible page (you'd edit manually), and then
you'd provide a patch to wikiconv2.py?

> As always, please feel free to comment :)

Great stuff - that's my comment! :-)  I cannot run a new round of upload
at the very moment, so sorry if you don't see your changes implemented
immediately; but I'll do that shortly after the beta1.

Would you be interested in more wikihelp-generation-related fixes?  Eg.
it would be great to be able to preserve also the 'extended
tips' (<ahelp> tags) some way, for example - but there is more to do
there :-)

Thank you a lot,

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