[Libreoffice] SdrLineAttribute vs LineAttribute

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Thu Dec 8 05:18:32 PST 2011

Regina Henschel wrote:
> in drawinglayer I see class SdrLineAttribute and class
> LineAttribute, which are nearly the same but SdrLineAttribute has
> Transparency and DotDashArray. I'm confused. Is class LineAttribute
> "deprecated" and should not be altered and its use exchanged with
> SdrLineAttribute?
Hi Regina,

I believe LineAttribute is the low-level-graphics version, that's
e.g. comparable to the vcl gdi expressiveness - I'd thus probably
not extend it without a need. SdrLineAttribute, conversely, is the
one used in svx from the Draw objects - so I'd use/extend that for
the advanced stuff (line ends, I presume?).


-- Thorsten
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