[Libreoffice] minutes of tech. steering call ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Thu Dec 8 08:19:04 PST 2011

* Present:
	+ Rainer, Stephan, Eike, Fridrich, Norbert, Kendy, Mitch,
	  Bjoern, Michael, Tor, Lionel, Caolan, Cedric, Thorsten,
	  Andras, Kohei

* Completed Action Items
	+ python/wizards merge for 3.5 & strip old versions (Michael)
	+ send Monty mail about other options (Michael)
	+ hunt systemic per-tinderbox errors (Rainer)
		+ abandoned for now
	+ file soffice paramater issues as most-annoying (Lionel)
	+ look at dev-builds with desktop integration for linux (Petr)
	+ remove --enable-release-builds until RCs (packagers)
	+ back-port Java 7 to 3.4 if no show-stopping regressions in B0 (Stephan)
AA:		+ enable Java 7 in 3.4.5 & check RC1 feedback (Stephan)

* Pending Action Items
	+ [in progress] extract 64bit build hardware from firewall (Kendy / Admins)
	+ [in progress] come up with a list of QA heros for next meeting (Rainer)
	+ need to download & install libpostgresql for Mac/Windows (Michael)
	+ add tinderbox name to build-id (Norbert)
AA:	+ review pending labels patch if possible (Bjoern)

* Action Items

* Release Engineering update (Petr)
	+ 3.5.0 Beta 1 feature freeze hit, branched etc.
		+ builds originally quite broken, but much better now
		+ may be delayed until late today / tomorrow
		+ smaller smoke-testing window than hoped for
		+ delayed by accidental re-base of -3-5 on master
	+ tag monday / slip slightly.
	+ move 3.4.5 RC1 freeze out to mid-week
	+ individuals need to carefully cherry-pick their fixes to the branch
		+ please test bigger fixes on master and only cherry-pick when
		  the tinderboxes like you ...
AA:	+ cleanup old test server directories (Thorsten)

* verbose builds left and right
	+ tinderboxes switched to not produce huge amounts of log output
	+ default is not churn during build

* gtk3 backend
	+ change the configure to default to 'on' for this
	+ not feasible to build on our legacy machines
AA:	+ disable gtk3 except in experimental mode (Michael)

* lightproof grammar checker (Andras)
	+ python extension, long history, around for years
		+ lightweight, no large dependencies
	+ Laszlo integrated it with normal dictionary extensions
	+ can include it into the dictionaries/ module
	+ committed to master, seems to work well:
		+ windows + Linux, English + Hungarian
	+ where is the up-stream ?
		+ no public repo / just tar-balls
		+ Laszlo would like a repo on freedesktop
AA:		+ create 'lightproof' git repo on freedesktop for Laszlo (Michael)
	+ horror grammer checker leaks fixable & findable with internal python
	+ fewer languages supported, but tool for migrating rules in progress
	+ currently we bundle nothing => no functional regression
		+ can be used in parallel with LanguageTool
	+ lightproof - conservative checker - blogk post to follow.
AA:	+ we will cherry-pick to Beta2 (Caolan, Andras) (Petr)

* default display issue (Michael / Caolan)
	+ quite some research done, but not fixed ...
	+ 'Primary' on Windows == LCD display, ditto on Linux
AA:		+ rename VCL API to make it GetBeamerScreen (Michael)

* QA update (Rainer)
	+ Bugzilla assistant
		+ some problems with it; around 20 bugs
		+ need to think what to do with it
		+ requires manual updating per version
AA:		+ forward access details to Thorsten (Rainer)
AA:		+ get Rainer setup with git commit access (Michael)
AA:		+ add fixing it to top #10 easy tasks page (Petr)
	+ 3.5 release
		+ concerns around:
		+ was always wrong in the past - but afflicts Windows 7
		+ luckily shipping the fix in 3.4.5 helps this
	+ Bug hunting session (Cor) - regrets.
		+ http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/Improving_QA-Release-3.5#Bug-hunting_session

* Remote login for testing branches / new work on (Lionel)
	+ we could use Voruppe to allow people to test stuff (Fridrich)
	+ Norbert happy to create one-shot tinderboxes to
	  target feature branch

* debugging re-builds (Cedric)
	+ re-building whole tree with dbgutil is a nightmare
	+ having binary incompatible tree is silly (Bjoern)
	+ missing dump-as-xml code; switched to dbgutil
	+ problems with #if debug-level in a header (MichaelS)
		+ breaks ODR potentially
		+ no problem with debug compiled in, in product release
AA:	+ add this layout feature into a product build (Cedric)
		+ make it dependent on a getenv() to avoid callcatcher

* postgresql fun. non-internal
	+ postgresql have a strict API stability (Norbert)
	+ concerns of control & buildability are overboard (Lionel)
	+ Windows - run-time DLL dependency a pain (Lionel)
		+ ship DLL ourselves ?
		+ download the binary and ship it ?
		+ horrendous shipping other peoples binaries (Michael)
		+ a huge mess on Windows finding dlls (Fridrich)
	+ MySQL connector a huge mess (Fridrich)
		+ ship the binary etc.
	+ building vs. an internal libpostgresql (Lionel)
		+ client library code is:
			+ around 25 files + a few headers
		+ can knock up a gnumake makefile in a module
		  as a static library.
	+ Decision: build a minimal / internal postgresql ...
		+ do the work on master & perhaps backport
		+ binary extensions for 3.5

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