[Libreoffice] how to acquire an ScDocument reference "from scratch"

Kevin Hunter hunteke at earlham.edu
Thu Dec 8 10:05:46 PST 2011

At 6:25am -0500 Thu, 24 Nov 2011, Michael Meeks wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-11-24 at 01:05 -0500, Kevin Hunter wrote:
>> I wanted to create an ScDocument to work with in a new test file. I
>> was thinking in terms of test driven development and having some
>> tests such that I could execute only them, as something akin to:
>> $ make  just_this_set_of_tests
> Ah - you just want to run a smaller set of tests, and faster than
> running all of the 'make unittest' changes in master ?

Sorry for the late response ... in short, exactly.  More specifically, I 
wish there were a way to run exactly and only one test (i.e. a single 
::testFunction()).  Instead, they're currently bundled together in 
various files such that I can do what Stephan suggested ($ make 
/path/to/test.test).  I would find it helpful if in the development 
cycle, there were a way to run just what I want to run, to finer 
granularity than a file.

As already pointed out to me, this is currently time-infeasible for the 
common use case that compiles the whole project (given that each test 
would have to be _individually_ linked and executed); regardless, all I 
really wanted was a howto for my own personal machine in terms of the 
boiler plate I was apparently missing to accomplish this for the tests 
and LO code on which I'm currently working.  Having this would enable me 
to drastically reduce my compile wait time.  On my old hardware, that 
translates a 15-20s turnaround time about 3-4s.

Thus, commenting out was suggested, and is currently what I'm working with.



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