[Libreoffice] how to acquire an ScDocument reference "from scratch"

Kevin Hunter hunteke at earlham.edu
Fri Dec 9 03:55:45 PST 2011

At 4:47pm -0500 Thu, 08 Dec 2011, Michael Meeks wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-12-08 at 13:05 -0500, Kevin Hunter wrote:
>> More specifically, I wish there were a way to run exactly and only
>> one test (i.e. a single ::testFunction()).
> Fine, sounds like a worthy goal. I suggest you hack cppunit to add
> some magic macro wrappers to stringify the function name, and allow
> some run-time parameter that will filter the tests immediately on
> entry down to the one you want.

Oh!  I didn't realize cppunit was open for hacking from our end.  Let's 
see ... looking through that directory then ... the basic workflow is to 
write a patch to apply before we compile Cppunit, yes?

> Also - it seems Noel Grandin is working on a (somewhat different)
> re-hash of the note storage thing in his tree - worth not treading
> on his feet there; but of course the more unit tests for note stuff
> the merrier.

Cheers.  If Noel is working on that, then I'll turn my attention to 
something along the test lines.  Given my $REAL_LIFE constraints, maybe 
what I work on should fall farther from the LO critical path ...



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