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LibreOffice has already supported a similar solution to save more ink
with the following improvements:

• Scalable ink saving (20-90%, or arbitrary values);
• extreme ink saving (>96%) with excellent readability;
• better layout on low resolution (<1200 dpi): instead of ugly spotted
letters it uses low level methods of printers to provide consistent
• it works with all fonts.

Usage: choose Grey 80%...Grey 10% colors for your text (you can add
more colors to the palette:
For extreme ink saving, set outlined character formatting (=~60% ink
saving) and combine with Gray 90% text color.

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2011/12/9 810d4rk <810d4rk at gmail.com>:
>> Looking forward, unless EcoFont has a patent on swiss-cheesing fonts,
>> one could potentially make swiss-cheese versions of the existing fonts
>> in LO.
> That would be very good to have on LO for anyone that wants to save
> ink and use whatever font they like, but will be not be part of
> version 3.5?
>> As for merely saving toner/ink when printing, it appears that someone
>> did some testing and found that some fonts (e.g. Century Gothic) will
>> save more ink per word than the EcoFont.
>> http://www.treehugger.com/sustainable-product-design/century-gothic-saves-more-ink-than-ecofont.html
> The ecofont website has tells the advantages of their fonts:
> http://www.ecofont.com/en/products/green/printing/saving-printing-costs-and-eco-friendly/why-ecofont-saves-more-ink-than-century-gothic.html
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