[Libreoffice] postresql-sdbc bits out of minutes of tech. steering call

Lionel Elie Mamane lionel at mamane.lu
Sun Dec 11 06:09:41 PST 2011

On Sat, Dec 10, 2011 at 11:05:02AM +0100, Alexander Thurgood wrote:
> Le 09/12/11 23:10, Thorsten Behrens a écrit :

>> And with attached patch, also a plain --enable-ext-postgresql-sdbc
>> builds - Norbert, want to double-check & commit?

> So I built yesterday using :

> --with-ext-postgresql-sdbc
> --with-system-postgresql

> If I install this connector.oxt on another machine with MacOSX and a
> running pg instance, when I try to connect I get the following error :

> A driver is not registered for the URL
> sdbc:posgresql:dbhost=localhost dbname=demo

I got a similar error on my Debian GNU/Linux, solved by:

cd /libo/build/tree
rm -r solver/INPATH/installation/opt/share/extensions/postgresql-sdbc/ solver/INPATH/inc/postgresql/ solver/INPATH/lib/libpq.* connectivity/INPATH/lib/postgresql-sdbc*.{so,dylib,dll}
#build && deliver in connectivity
#forcefully install newly generated .oxt file
cd ~/.config/libreoffice/3/user/extensions/*/extensions.db

Replace INPATH by its value on your platform (something like
"unxmaci"); ~/.config/libreoffice/ is LibreOffice's user profile
directory on Unix, I'm not sure what it is on MacOS X.

Basically, the --with-system-postgresql build was still linking
statically against the libpq.a in the solver, so essentially was
behaving as a --without-system-postgresql :-| Which suggests
--without-system-postgresql is broken, need to check that out.

> Does your patch fix this problem of portability, i.e. from build
> machine to user machine ?

I don't think so, we need to work on that. In the current situation,
*maybe* if the user machine also install libpq (postgresql C client
library) at the _same_ location than on the build machine, it might
work, I'm not even sure of that. Given the multiplicity of ways to
install libpq on MacOS X, we don't want to require that, but I'm not
sure how to fix that cleanly. I'm waiting for a LibO/MacOS X dev to
chip in on that.

> I'm just trying to suss out the implications for me as the provider
> of the db connector extensions.

For MacOS X, we are still in the "getting it to work" stage.. We need
your testing for that, thanks for sticking around.


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