[Libreoffice] Do we support classic and industrial theme? (was: [PATCH] configure.in examples: options shouldn't have quote)

Tommy barta at quipo.it
Sun Dec 11 10:13:26 PST 2011

On Sun, 11 Dec 2011 17:41:22 +0100, Rainer Bielefeld  
<LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de> wrote:

> Tommy schrieb:
>> probably the code in 3.5.x has been cleaned and there's no place for the
>> classic theme yet, but just for the other themes (Tango, Galaxy etc.  
>> etc.)
> Hi,
> And what's your theory concerning the fact that (at least) tango theme  
> copied from 3.4 to master will not work, too?
> CU
> Rainer

Hi Reiner,
as far as I know, LibO 3.3.x had 6 available themes:

Galaxy, Tango, Crystal, Hi-Contrast, Oxygen, Classic

the themes were extensively reworked in 3.4.x in order to get rid of  
duplicate icons.
during this process the devs decided to remove the Classic theme, leaving  
the other 5:
Galaxy, Tango, Crystal, Hi-Contrast, Oxygen

as I told before something in the code about the Classic theme remained  
somewhere and allowed us to re-introduce the Classic after reformatting it  
to be compatible with 3.4.x.
Indeed if you use the zipped file from the 3.3.x release you will suffer  

regarding 3.5 master I'm sorry I can't help... I have never installed that  
so please, try to better explain what's the issue about the Tango theme  
 from 3.4.x ...

isn't the Tango theme already available in 3.5 master?
did the devs remove it in master as they did in 3.4.x with Classic?
have the existing icon themes been reworked again in 3.5?

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