[Libreoffice] [board-discuss] Re: [Libreoffice-qa] End of the line for 3.3 family and regressions

Noel Grandin noel at peralex.com
Mon Dec 12 05:04:45 PST 2011

People who think there should be zero regressions are welcome to donate the necessary time and financial resources to
make it happen.

Michael Meeks wrote:
> Hi Pedro,
> On Sat, 2011-12-10 at 11:46 +0000, Pedro Lino wrote:
>> This isn't simply a matter of checking and reporting bugs. It involves
>> the Quality of a product this Community claims to be Enterprise ready.
>> IMO there can be NO regressions.
> 	Having no regressions is really a feature. That makes it rather
> incompatible with a time-based release schedule. It is also a highly
> expensive feature, and it is unclear who is going to do the work fixing
> every regression in 3.4.x, particularly as the majority of dev. work has
> switched focus to improving 3.5.x, and particularly since many bugs can
> be classed as regressions if we try hard :-)
> 	I agree with you that the claim of "Enterprise ready" is perhaps
> somewhat misleading and IMHO rather unhelpful. LibreOffice is not
> Enterprise ready without enterprise support (which is capable of fixing
> any regressions or issues a customer may experience). No matter how good
> the job we do, customers will always find more bugs they need fixing,
> regression or not.
>> The TDF BoD and the Devs need to make a decision about how to handle this.
> 	I would recommend sticking to our time-based release schedule - there
> are rather a number of nice bug fixes in 3.4.5 as it is, I've been
> watching a few longer standing issues get nailed there.
> 	Having said all that, I don't see that 3.4.5 has to be the last release
> in that series. I anticipate that people will still continue to merge
> critical and/or obviously correct fixes and/or security fixes to the
> libreoffice-3-4 branch, and we may have a 3.4.6 at some stage. We had a
> particularly long 3.5 development cycle, so ...
> 	Of course, if some enterprise wants to support 3.4.x and continue
> porting fixes to it & releasing they are of course most welcome to do
> that indefinitely.
> 	What we need to do about the 3.3.x bugs, I don't know. If we have no
> resources to re-test them vs. 3.4 - I would suggest we wait until we
> have a good 3.5 beta to point at, and close them all with a comment
> asking users to reproduce them in 3.5 and re-open/re-target them at that
> version. But perhaps that is too harsh ? :-) either way, leaving bugs
> malingering vs. 3.3.x while knowing full well that they'll be hidden vs.
> that version is not so useful I think.
> 	At least, that's my take :-)
> 	HTH,
> 		Michael.

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