[Libreoffice] Git pull problems

Alex Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 02:38:44 PST 2011

Le 14/12/2011 11:18, Bjoern Michaelsen a écrit :

Hi Bjoern,

> The tree object c29667cde3f151a73d7302757a6eca316b886aa3 exists here, but not
> the commit 28b86ca7b704d2789cad69f7516203434202c082. If that commit isnt too old
> (git show 28b86ca7b704d2789cad69f7516203434202c082 should tell you):
>   git reset --hard 28b86ca7b704d2789cad69f7516203434202c082^
>   git pull
> should help you as it get rid of this (nonexistant) commit.

Unfortunately not :
git reset --hard 28b86ca7b704d2789cad69f7516203434202c082
fatal: unable to read tree 28b86ca7b704d2789cad69f7516203434202c082


Think I'll just reclone.


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