[Libreoffice] Hi ! We are new on libo!

Martin Richard martius at martiusweb.net
Wed Dec 14 05:34:20 PST 2011

Hi all,

I am Martin Richard, a French student in CS.

As a school project, a friend and I have the luck to be able to work on
Libre Office Writer, mentored by Cédric Bosdonnat.

We will work on the libre-office file picker in order to add some new
interesting features, such as a list of highlighted places, allowing direct
access to recently used files, favorites directories and FTP servers. At
last, we would like to contribute to Cedric's library libcmis and continue
his work of integration of repositories implementing CMIS (sharepoint,
alfresco, etc).

I'll probably be active on IRC under the nickname martius during the next

My friend Julien will probably come forward soon.

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