[Libreoffice] build failed in lingucomponent on Mac

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Wed Dec 14 10:46:22 PST 2011

> .mm files are objective-C specific header files. I would convert them to c++

Er, no.  .mm is the conventional extension for Objective-C++ source
files. (Plain Objective-C files have the conventional extension .m,
and Objective-C headers the extension .h.) This is documented in "man
gcc" even, at least on MacOSX.

And as these source files contain Objective-C(++) syntax in addition
to C++, and include Objective-C headers, how would you "convert" them
to C++?

(Objective-C++ is just C++ code that also happens to contain
Objective-C, too. It is not as weird as the name first sounds.)

> since mac now supports c++ based apps.

Don't know what you mean by this... Most of the GUI and other
Mac-specific APIs are declared as Objective-C classes and interfaces
in the various framework headers as far as I know. No C++ bindings
there. Or do you have some concrete counter-example?


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