[Libreoffice] Tests on release build

Tomáš Chvátal tomas.chvatal at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 01:58:04 PST 2011

Hello guys,
as again there is new series of lo it means more tests were added to
the list of those that are run during the make phase (where normal
software do only build).

For developers it helps to identify issues quickly because your build
crashes if you try to compile your changes but for users that try to
build the lo just for themselves the crashes can get really annoying.

Even that is not much of a problem as distributions usually provide
binaries that were once build so they do not run the tests for each
various hw/cflags/march/etc etc, sadly I am working on Gentoo, which
means I do get bazilion of bugs for failing tests that are not
reproducable on most machines.

Small list of bugs from "experimental" branch after two days (meaning
not much people using it and those errors will just grow as it moves
to stable):

So unless you can look at one of those traces and tell me that the
build should be stopped because "it is obvious error in the code (not
in the test, the app code) that needs to be fixed" I would want you
guys to rethink running the tests for release build during the make
phase and just allow me to run them in designated test phase where it
is allowed to fail and wont stop user from installing the office
suite. (Yes those errors are logged, yes I will provide them, and yes
user will be able to use his office suite and not wait on some test

This is quite critical issue for packaging in Gentoo and I would love
to fix it some other way than implementing cppunit hack that would
return true on each test so users will be able to install their



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