[Libreoffice] Hi ! We are new on libo!

Martin Richard martius at martiusweb.net
Thu Dec 15 08:03:42 PST 2011

Hi Michael & Fernand !

The preview feature isn't in the scope of what we would like to do for the
moment, but if we've got the occasion, we'll have a look at it. Thank you
for the hint about FTP connections, we'll see what we can do to deal with
this issue.

We looked at this project on Elveos, but Julien and I believe we aren't yet
experienced enough with the codebase to fulfill the mission.


2011/12/14 Fernand Vanrie <sos at pmgroup.be>

>  Martin,
> I am a "Belgium" user of OO en LO, and have sometimes contact with your
> mentor Cédric.
> As you will working at the "filepicker", please  have also a look at the
> "preview" when choosing pictures it simply never has worked.
> When working at the FTP site, there is also a problem, on some servers it
> works to have a ftp-url to store ad some servers the connection is refused,
> i think we need some extra parameters for FTP connections (as
> passive-active)
> I hopes this comments can inspire your project
> Greetz
> Fernand
> ps. please have also a look at our Elveos project<https://elveos.org/en/features/1185/description?title=add-print-intentions-to-a-libre-open-office-document>it is Funded but no candidates to do the work, maybe you  or one of your
> friends is interested ?
> Hi all,
> I am Martin Richard, a French student in CS.
> As a school project, a friend and I have the luck to be able to work on
> Libre Office Writer, mentored by Cédric Bosdonnat.
> We will work on the libre-office file picker in order to add some new
> interesting features, such as a list of highlighted places, allowing direct
> access to recently used files, favorites directories and FTP servers. At
> last, we would like to contribute to Cedric's library libcmis and continue
> his work of integration of repositories implementing CMIS (sharepoint,
> alfresco, etc).
> I'll probably be active on IRC under the nickname martius during the next
> weeks.
> My friend Julien will probably come forward soon.
> Cheers,
> Martin
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